Radio controlled Jets : A new elements in toys world.
28.03.2016 01:30

Radio controlled jets can be on scale or non-scale. In the earlier days, these jets were powered by a technology known as the ducted fan, over the years; these radio controlled jets have been powered by turbine engines. 

During the era of the ducted fan, one technology applied used multi-bladed carbon fiber fan that was driven by a single cylindrical piston engine. Now modern jets use turbine engines they are basic designs that use centrifugal compressors like those used on actual automobile superchargers.

Most jets are super advanced with high speed and high performance all rolled into one. If you are in need for speed, flying radio controlled jets can quench this hunger that no other RC aircraft , RC Helicopter , RC Quadcopter can. Due to their fasts speed, they are not that recommended for beginners but if you are really that intent to fly one, you can always ask your local trainer to guide you through these things.

 With the technology placed into the advancement of radio controlled jets, some of the finest jets are now powered with piston ducted fans, electric ducted fans, and turbine engines.  The radio controlled jets, can be flown with in any tolerable wind condition as they are stable enough.

Flying these things also needs a big airspace to execute maneuvering skills and stunts along with its powerful speed. It would be really cumbersome to execute your stunts with space limitations as the high speed of your jets almost easily eats up space. To be able to expertly fly jets also needs tremendous amount of practice to be able to be a pro in flying them.

Some basic information is needed to check out before buying RC Jets:


  • Maneuvering ability of the jet.
  • Remote control radius gets in the range.
  • Body metal of jets.
  • Engine type or motor type and capability to fly.
  • Space is needed to fly it in air, so think first and if you have enough free space on the lawn only then buy one of these jets.
  • Check whether spare parts are available in the market or not.

Only above points are favoring you then get a jet for you but be careful to fly it in very first attempt. Low level of skill can damage your favorite toys.


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